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What can we learn from the new breed of cyber explorers/ entrepreneurs?

What are the rules for engagment for a man who wears a video camera all the time with a live feed to the internet? do those rules apply to our lives?

These rules were written on the white board behind Justin in a photo that appeared with the article.

The Rules of Engagment:

1. On 24/7 even in the bathroom
2. If you don't know, assume you can
3. If you don't want to know, don't ask
4. Ask for contact infor for all
5. Take what's offered
(written to the side of the list: Your Ad Here)





An Army Of Improvisers.

This story identifies the value of improvisational thinking in the life and death struggle in Iraq.

Improvisation Workshop for cross team creativity

We taught improvisation to the San Francisco office of GP Johnson to promote teamwork, better brainstorming skills, the ability to think on your feet and handle change better.

What is a good metaphore for working together with speed, energy and agility?

We were challenged to create a presentation that would engage wandering participants and convey our clients attitude about the changing world of technology security.

We introduced our three dancers as 'security experts from our Houston office' but they didn't use PowerPoint...they tore the dance floor up with amazing stunts and thrilling teamwork.

The Answer: Hip Hop!